Need support for international business dealings?

Are you planning to do business abroad? Are you looking for foreign partners to work with or buyers of your product or service? Do you want to be inspired by foreign companies or to promote your innovation abroad? Invest in Zeeland connects entrepreneurs from Zeeland and with potential clients from abroad.

Why do we do this? Well, international business dealings can make Zeeland companies even stronger. For example, did you know that of all the money we earn in the Netherlands, a major part comes from exports? The Netherlands is a trade nation par excellence; more and more companies are active internationally and exports have grown in recent years.

Moreover, internationally active companies often grow faster than companies that only operate regionally and they offer more constant employment with high added value.

What we can offer you

Do you also want to take advantage of these benefits, but you could use some help? We offer you the following:

  • an international network of entrepreneurs and government;
  • matchmaking between Zeeland companies and potential international trade partners;
  • access to specific market knowledge and innovative companies;
  • help with finding new markets;
  • the opportunity to travel under government flag to relevant locations for your sector;
  • organized trips with inspiring programs;
  • the ability to build a local network by traveling together.

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In the field of internationalization, Invest in Zeeland cooperates with Trade & Innovate with the Dutch: a collaboration between central government and regional trade organizations.