Why Zeeland is the hotspot for logistics:

Distinctive in different logistics operations

Zeeland boasts a wide range of logistics operations, many of them focused on key sectors in Zeeland. 


  • Onions: volume-wise this is the largest export product in the Netherlands. 80% of Dutch onion production and processing takes place in Zeeland with Kruiningen as the absolute onion center of the Netherlands.
  • (Fruit) juices: Zeeland has the largest port in the Netherlands for the harvesting and transshipment of conventionally grown fruit. The port even has its own Food Port in Vlissingen (the Bijleveldhaven) which is a thriving center of specialists in the processing, storage and transshipment of food products and reefer containers. 
  • Potatoes: Zeeland is not only a major producer of potatoes and potato products, more and more potatoes are transshipped from Zeeland via the port of Vlissingen. 
  • Seafood: Zeeland has a long history in seafood. In fact, many Zeeland entrepreneurs are leaders not only in the breeding and cultivation of seafood but also in its storage and transportation. This makes Zeeland an important logistics and distribution center for seafood.

Dedicated terminals for agrifood: KloosterboerZZColdstores.


Over the years, Zeeland has built up a strong offshore cluster. Logistics service providers in Zeeland have extensive experience when it comes to the storage and transshipment of various types of large objects for the offshore industry. Plus, they have specialist knowledge in the assembly of parts.

Dedicated terminals for offshore: Bow TerminalVerbrugge TerminalsMammoet
Contractors: HeeremaDamen Shiprepair and ConversionVDS Staalbouw

Process industry 

More than 250 logistics and industrial companies are located in the port of Zeeland as well as dedicated business parks such as the Valuepark Terneuzen and the Maintenance Valuepark. These locations are aimed at companies with a clear added value for the (maintenance function in the) process industry. They are the perfect base for companies looking to enter the European market or to expand their position in this market.

Logistics companies: KatoenNatieRavago, Bertschi