Issues which deserve special attention:

Biobased economy

In a biobased economy, renewable raw materials are used to replace fossil fuels, such as oil. This plays an important role in reducing the carbon footprint, which again has a positive impact on climate change.
The Southwest Netherlands region is rich in agrifood and chemical companies. By renewing their traditional products and processes they can tap into new markets. In fact, this is precisely what is happening in the Biobased Delta. It is home not only to entrepreneurs but also knowledge institutes and governments who combine forces and so boost the growth and appeal of the biobased economy.

Other examples of initiatives in Zeeland’s biobased economy are:

Bio Base Europe Training Center

Bio Base Europe is the first open innovation and training center for the biogas-based economy in Europe. Flanders and the Netherlands have joined hands to build a state-of-the-art research and training center aimed at accelerating economic growth, innovation capacity and the sustainable development of our society. Bio Base Europe comprises the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant in Ghent (experimental plant) and the Bio Base Europe Training Center in Terneuzen. The Pilot Plant conducts research and scales up processes and productions. 

The Bio Base Europe Training Center focuses mainly on facilitating events and meetings within the biogas-based economy, sustainability and technology. This unique location with its green identity offers ample opportunities for meetings, training courses, workshops, congresses, symposia, networking and other events.

Biopark Terneuzen

Biopark Terneuzen represents a new approach to the creation of agro-industrial sustainability.  Under the heading 'Smart Link', Biopark Terneuzen promotes and facilitates the exploitation of key synergies between companies located in the same geographical area. In other words, it helps to maximize the potential of the exchange and use of each other's by-products and waste products, which then become raw materials or supplements for the energy supply for their own production processes. 

Smart Delta Resources

The Smart Delta Resources (SDR) platform is a partnership between eleven energy- and raw materials intensive companies in the region of western North Brabant, Zeeland and North Flanders. This unique platform develops new business cases for the exchange of energy and material flows, also known as industrial symbiosis. The platform aims to strengthen the international competitiveness of companies, to enhance the regional business climate and contribute towards the growth of sustainable industries.

Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy

The Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE) is a cooperation between Avans University and the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Zeeland. Centers of Expertise have been set up by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) to further reinforce the connection between higher education and regional economic spearheads. These are action-oriented partnerships in which together, companies, educational institutions, governments and other public organizations innovate, experiment and invest mainly on future-directed vocational education and professional practice. 

The CoE BBE helps businesses to achieve their biobased ambitions by, and together with them, renewing higher education and carrying out important and relevant research. In this way, CoE BBE is able to provide highly educated professionals to support and help create the transition towards a biobased society.

Impuls: van idee naar business

NV Economische Impuls Zeeland (Impuls) lends a helping hand to (innovative) entrepreneurs in Zeeland. Not only does it support the establishment of projects in the circular economy in Zeeland, but also the whole process from ideation, business modeling and prototyping to market introduction. Some examples of these projects are:

  • Biobased Infra

Biobased Infra's goal is to develop concrete biobased technologies and products within the Zeeland infrastructure. Currently, it is working on creating bioasphalt, fiber concrete and developing products from the biomass from the infrastructure.

  • Biobased Innovation Garden Rusthoeve (BIGR)

The Biobased Innovation Garden Rusthoeve (BIGR) is the focal point for the development of (new) crops for agriculture and product and chain development for the biobased economy.

  • Biobased Infrastructure for Knowledge

The aim of this project is to elevate the existing infrastructure for application centers in the Southern Netherlands region to an (inter) nationally distinctive open innovation system for small and medium-sized enterprises in the biobased chains, within two years.