Issues which deserve special attention

A breeding ground for innovation  

Zeeland is literally in the sea. Its location creates an interplay of water and land, saline and freshwater, ebb and flood and it is this that distinguishes Zeeland from all other regions in this part of Europe. It offers both the inhabitants and entrepreneurs opportunities and room to operate in a way that is both innovative and pioneering. Such as in the fields of saline aquaculture, tidal energy and agrifood.

Zeewaar: sustainably cultivated seaweed 

Zeewaar is the first company in the Netherlands to produce only sustainably cultivated seaweed using clean seawater. The seaweed farm is located in the Jacobahaven in Kamperland in the Eastern Scheldt, a perfect location for seaweed cultivation and other aquaculture operations. Which of course is why FryMarine and Seafarm are also located here. One of its major assets is that it is a prohibited area for boats and tourism and therefore quiet and unpolluted. Zeewaar seaweed is a key ingredient in the Dutch Seaweed Burger.

Tocardo: a tidal energy plant

This tidal power station is yet another prime example of innovation in Zeeland. A tidal energy plant has been built in the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier. The five turbines act as a kind of reversed windmill in the water. So, not only does the storm surge barrier protect Zeeland from the force of the water, it also uses the water to generate green electricity! 

Agricultural innovation and knowledge center 'Rusthoeve' 

The Rusthoeve agricultural innovation and knowledge center facilitates research and experiments in agricultural and vegetable crops in terms of different varieties, fertilization and disease control.