Tue, 02/28/2017 - 15:38

Businesses, governement and knowledge institutions join forces for offshore employment services

It is expected that the building of several offshore wind parks near the Zeeland coast will increase the demand for qualified maintenance personell and offshore wind turbine mechanics. That is why several businesses, organizations and governments in Zeeland joined forces to foud the company \""The Wind Technicians\"", that will provide offshore employment services. 


The Wind Technicians will be recruiting, selecting and educating future personell for the offshore wind parks that will be build near Zeeland. Educational institutions in Zeeland will train students to become offshore wind mechanic in addition to that.  

Activities of The Wind Technicians 

The Wind Technicians will work on:

  • The commercial influx such as candidates who are supernumerary and/or would like to change their job. 
  • Offering employees a steady job. The employees will be seconded to the wind park managers.

Who is involved in The Wind Technicians

The Wind Technicians is an initiative of the HZ University of Applied Sciences, Scalda, Zeeland Seaports and the provincial government of Zeeland, with the Centre of Expertise Delta Technology acting as a catalyst for this project. 

Furthermore, the following parties are involved in The Wind Technicians;

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