Fri, 07/03/2020 - 12:01

How to minimize risk in your supply chain?

It is a widely discussed topic among CEOs, COOs and supply chain managers, especially after a black swan event like the Corona pandemic. How to mitigate disruption risk in the supply chain? Will it lead to regionalized supply chains, a reverse globalization and reshoring of production? It might in the longer term for certain product categories, but in many cases (e.g. electronics and pharmaceuticals) it is simply not possible nor affordable. Also, retreating from certain geographies may mean they can’t sell there effectively either. And in dire times, optimal market access is essential.

Companies will want to mitigate supply chain risks quickly and make sure they can keep servicing their customer in various geographies continuously. Short term options are building flexibility and choosing low risk strategic locations for crucial nodes in the distribution network. This is exactly why so many North American and Asian companies have chosen the Netherlands to establish their European distribution center, writes the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC) in a blog. The blog covers topics such as:

Invest in Zeeland is a proud partner of the HIDC in the Invest in Holland network: a collaborative team of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, regional economic development agencies, several large cities and HIDC. The network works to provide a continuum of free, confidential support services to new foreign investors, as well as existing foreign investors that already have operations in the Netherlands.