Thu, 11/08/2018 - 15:30

Vopak further expands gas storage in port area Zeeland

Vopak is further expanding its gas storage capacity in the Zeeland port area in Vlissingen. Two new gas tanks will be built at the terminal with a combined capacity of 9,200 cubic metres. In this way, the group is strengthening its presence within the port area, that is managed by port authority North Sea Port, and the position of the port as a hub for liquid bulk.

Extra capacity

This investment represents a further leap in the growth of the terminal at Vlissingen's Quarleshaven dock, after the facility previously gained six 'gas bullets' in 2015. These cylindrical gas tanks together provided 37,000 m³ of extra capacity for the storage of LPG and chemical gases, bringing the terminal's total capacity to 169,000 m³.

Increasing demand

The new tanks, with a length of 97 metres and a diameter of more than 10 metres, are needed to meet the increasing demand for these products on the European market. They will be operational by the summer of 2020.

Storage of liquid bulk

Vopak is the largest independent tank storage company in the world. The Dutch group has 67 terminals in 25 countries. Their total capacity for storing crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals, gases, LNG, biofuels and vegetable oils amounts to almost 37 million cubic metres. Vopak is currently engaged in an investment programme to construct a further 2.6 million cubic metres by the end of 2020. The expansion in North Sea Port is part of that programme.


source: North Sea Port

Photo: Vopak