Building a network in Zeeland

For entrepreneurs, it is important to have a good business network. However, when you are in a new market it is not always easy to find your way to the right contacts.

Regional specialist

Invest in Zeeland has a large network both in the region and beyond. We have direct contacts within the Zeeland municipalities and the provincial government, we know the local companies, service providers and various network organizations and as a part of the regional development company NV Economic Impulse Zeeland (Impuls), we have a good knowledge of the Zeeland market.

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

Apart from this, we also work closely with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). The NFIA is the first foreign companies office to do business in the Netherlands. The NFIA is a part of the Dutch National Agency for Enterprising Netherlands (RVO) and falls directly under the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Invest in Holland network

Invest in Zeeland, together with 11 partners from all regions of the Netherlands, the NFIA and the logistical counterpart NDL / HIDC, is a part of the Invest in Holland network. Through the Invest in Holland network, we can help companies to access a large network of business partners and government agencies in the Netherlands.

Through this extensive network, we are always up to date with the latest developments and its connections with the right parties are quickly and easily made.

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