Amels Holland

In the world of high-end luxury yachts AMELS and DAMEN need no introduction. The company builds and maintains the very best super yachts, expedition yachts and support yachts so that our customers can enjoy the best moments in life.

We build the world's best super yachts in Vlissingen

 “We are a Dutch yacht builder and as a family company we are proud of our long track record. From our locations in Vlissingen and Gorinchem in the Netherlands and Gdynia in Poland, a strong team of around 1,200 men and women has played a major role in our rapid growth in recent years. We do what we undertake with unparalleled know-how and a strong passion for innovation. Craftsmanship and decisiveness have given us a worldwide leading position in yacht building. ”

Roos Damen

Vlissingen ideal location for Amels Holland

“In Vlissingen we have two shipyards where we constantly have more than 10 yachts under construction. Our site facilities are unparalleled in the world and we have plenty of room for growth here. Additionally, we experience the dedication and motivation of our employees, most of whom are resident in Zeeland, on a daily basis. Our clients and their crews also feel at home on Walcheren and enjoy the fine balance between work and leisure. This makes Vlissingen feel like the ideal location for us.”

World's leading shipbuilder

As the yacht division of the Damen Shipyards Group, AMELS and DAMEN use the strength and operational excellence of the world's leading shipbuilder, with its 35 shipyards worldwide and 12,000 employees.

Rose Damen, managing director