De Pooter

In 2014, Invest in Zeeland supported the employment agency De Pooter from Axel when opening a new branch in Middelburg.


Timmie de Pooter, Managing Director; "As far as we are concerned, Zeeland is a logical choice for a business location because we are a Zeeland company. However, Zeeland consists of several areas and the differences between Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and Walcheren and De Bevelanden are quite significant. We need a strong presence throughout the province because we are keen to expand as a company.

We can definitely recommend Zeeland as a good business location for entrepreneurs, especially if a logistical connection via rail and waterways is of importance to the company. Zeeland has excellent logistical connections via pipeline, rail and water. Plus, it has a relatively well-educated population of motivated people who work hard and are involved in their work, as well as excellent growth rates compared to the rest of the Netherlands. Zeeland is a great base for Belgium, France, Germany and the rest of Europe.

We received great support, including various marketing statements, help in finding a suitable office location and personal advice.

Although we already knew the region quite well, the extra support was very welcome, and for entrepreneurs from outside the region, this is an absolute must."