Kingfish Zeeland

Together with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, the province of Zeeland and the municipality of North Beveland, Invest in Zeeland supported Kingfish Zeeland with the arrival of the Netherlands. The choice for the location was based on the specific construction site, strong aquaculture sector in Zeeland and the strategic location. Partly thanks to InnoGo!, the innovation and financing program of mpuls, Kingfish has been able to start part of the cultivation cycle, namely the cultivation of larvae. The breeding conditions at Kingfish Zeeland are fully manageable, allowing sustainable growth to be achieved. Ohad Maiman, Managing Director and Kees Kloet, Operational Director, explain why they chose Zeeland as the site for establishment. 

The Yellowtail Kingfish is a sustainable alternative to tuna, and flourishes under Dutch climate conditions. The specially designed aquaculture site offers not only the pure, unpolluted water of the Eastern Scheldt, but also the infrastructure needed for our fish farm. This means we can deliver fresh fish on demand all over Europe. Consequently, we expect there to be a huge demand for this delicious fish in fish restaurants and specialty stores in Europe

With Kingfish Zeeland we offer high quality fish, which is currently only available in limited quantities and is flown in from Japan or Australia. Our new location in Colijnsplaat is perfectly situated for logistics and distribution channels for the sale of fish across Europe. Zeeland also has the ambition to become a leading aquaculture center. We received very good cooperation from local authorities, the international expertise of NFIA (Dutch Foreign Investment Agency) and "Invest in Zeeland". So of course the choice for Zeeland was easily made.