Team Industrial Services

Team Industrial Services is an industrial service provider that originated from the former shipyard De Schelde. Vlissingen houses the headquarters for the Netherlands and the hub for the entire Eurasian region, from where all support takes place in terms of engineering and manufacturing. 

Why Zeeland is the perfect location for Team Industrial Services

Goede logistieke verbindingen

"In Vlissingen we are located in the middle of our customer clusters in Rotterdam and Antwerp, but also the ports in Vlissingen and Terneuzen. There are good logistical connections, which means that you can always be with your customer on time.

We always try to be within an hour's travel distance from our customers. Consequently, there are people on site who know the customers and local customs well and who have the contacts to be able to respond quickly to a customer on location."

Loyal employees

"Zeeland is a beautiful, peaceful province, where you can relax on the beach in the summer. There are many loyal employees and it is a location where a 'gentlemen's agreement' is still upheld."

Mario Daane Team  Industrial Services

Regionale initiatieven om bedrijven te ondersteunen

"In Zeeland there are several initiatives to support companies. One of these is the Kenniswerf here in Vlissingen, of which we are part. That means we have a partnership with other companies here. But we also have partnerships with Scalda (MBO) and the University of Applied Sciences to create internship places or graduation projects for their students. In addition, there is the KIC * in Terneuzen, of which we are a part and where companies and suppliers come together to find innovative solutions.

We are used to seeking cooperation via this company. We do not believe that you have to do everything on your own. It is better to find a good partner than to try and emulate it yourself."

Mario Daane, Regional Manager Team Industrial Services, Vlissingen


*The KIC MPI is a Knowledge and Innovation Center for the Maintenance and Process Industry and is based in Terneuzen. It encourages cooperation between companies with the aim of innovating with maintenance in the process industry.