In 2013, Zeewaar in Kamperland established the first seaweed farm in the Netherlands and since then, they have worked as seaweed pioneers to further develop this innovative field.

Rebecca Wiering, co-owner Zeewaar; "In January 2012, we had our first meeting with Invest in Zeeland and talked about our plans to set up the first sustainable commercial seaweed farm in the Oosterschelde for the cultivation of seaweed. From this initial meeting onwards Invest in Zeeland supported us in word and deed. They brought us in contact with InnoGo !, with a committee of wise business people from the region who examined our plans. And whenever Zeewaar was looking for Zeeland companies to do business with, Invest in Zeeland was ready with advice. In short, Invest in Zeeland helped us to bring a new quality local product onto the Dutch market and create a new industry in our country. This is a branch that is interesting for the commercial sector, educational institutes, knowledge institutes and governments."