The advantages of doing business in Zeeland

Zeeland is a good place for doing business. Many companies have found their way to this region on account of its favourable economic climate, relatively low costs for companies, transparant, reliable and business friendly authorities, a competitive  fiscal climate, flexible labour regulations, good connections with the hinterland via non-congested roads, water and railway, the no-nonsense attitude of the workforce and the favourable living-and-working conditions. 

Room for entrepreneurship

Zeeland offers room for entrepreneurship in a personal, relatively small-scale environment. This allows us to act quickly and offer tailor-made advice so you can get started quickly.

Smart collaborations

Companies in Zeeland's strong industries such as Agrifood, Chemie and Offshore can also find one another to make smarter and more efficient business. For example, through industrial symbiosis in the Smart Delta Resources platform or in the offshore wind sector through Energy Port Zeeland.

Guidance on establishing and expanding your company

When you choose to establish or expand your business in Zeeland, you can also count on the good guidance of Invest in Zeeland for any questions you may have. You benefit from our large regional network, as well as the (international) contacts we have due to the fact that we are part of Invest in Holland.

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